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NAME : Mymie (≧▽≦) AGE:15(2011)(◕ ‿◕ ) HOMETOWN: BiNtulu 5teen year old ;). PMR candidates! Ouhno, i must study hard this year. Huhu. I'm pure islam. I ♥ kuching. I'm bintulu. School at SMK Bintulu. I'm friendly. I'm not keep enemies okay. I'm love to be friend with you all. Hehe. Do follow my blog yaa. ♥

Saturday, 25 June 2011

f◕ ◕ D

I have a favorite food is cupcakes. I love cupcakes because they are a variety of flavorslike strawberry, coklet, vanilla and many more. The same is also my favorite donuts. I do not run out of food. Where can I eat. I was part of a hobby of mine okay. y when I'mout of my friends and I would eat my friends Merdeka Palace Hotel. oh my god. new year like my stomach is feeling full. should not be so. I like it. So I've a lot of money inthis pocket. I do not need to waste money with marvelous things okay, I like y food. likereally pretty okay. I can not live without food. such as food and beverage sya like chicken chops, chocolate shakes, cuppucino, coklet, cake, more. So people call mefat hard for me. Okay! This time I want to critakan today. hope you have all enjoyedhearing. so thank you.

모두 안녕. 모든 사랑하는 승무원 
modu annyeong. modeun salanghaneun seungmuwon ◕ ‿◕