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NAME : Mymie (≧▽≦) AGE:15(2011)(◕ ‿◕ ) HOMETOWN: BiNtulu 5teen year old ;). PMR candidates! Ouhno, i must study hard this year. Huhu. I'm pure islam. I ♥ kuching. I'm bintulu. School at SMK Bintulu. I'm friendly. I'm not keep enemies okay. I'm love to be friend with you all. Hehe. Do follow my blog yaa. ♥

Thursday, 23 June 2011


I AM VERY LIKE THE KOREAN STYLE>. <Love Korean fashion. my sister's and I like most korean fashion, so cute right. great flood! they have a clean face so they have a mouth so stating my heart. I like Korean dance. they are quick, simultaneous, rugged dance. like the beast, 4minute, 2pm. korea girl and all her very kawai. they have made ​​me jealous of blind style. STUPID BAH! I need a teacher. to teach me. about fashion. PLEASE!