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NAME : Mymie (≧▽≦) AGE:15(2011)(◕ ‿◕ ) HOMETOWN: BiNtulu 5teen year old ;). PMR candidates! Ouhno, i must study hard this year. Huhu. I'm pure islam. I ♥ kuching. I'm bintulu. School at SMK Bintulu. I'm friendly. I'm not keep enemies okay. I'm love to be friend with you all. Hehe. Do follow my blog yaa. ♥

Saturday, 25 June 2011

This is ME ◕ ‿◕

                                         Mimi Shafrizanatin ->Nur Fazreen Shah-> THAT IS ME

                                                     that is my DADDY ! hengsem rite ..
                                                    ME and my lil brother DIdi zuren zhazani
                                             my little sis MIMI AZIZHA KHAIRUNNISHA                          
                                                                  with my nephew

Hello all. Today mymie mahu mymie want to tell the story about him okey. I have a friend call me mimi when people call my home near micot or miza. born 20 May 1996 near Kuching HOSPITAL. I come from the United kingdom hhahahaha. comedy-comedy. I was not the origin of transfer bintulu already near Kuching. boring around here no one like me a naughty friend. oket-okey. My son's first picture story once that picture is my older sister's little baby of my men, the next it is PANDA haahahhaha. comedy really. The second picture was my father Solomon B. Dahan hahaha. not okey. but Hj.Sulaiman b. hj. dahan. The third that I have a younger man he liked to look at my article, like they say two times five = ten. This year he is level 1 but he devised the person he is level 2 PEOPLE HAVE PALOI too right. There again he's a brother my name DIDI AFFUNDI KUDIZA he suffered disability in the body kerana penah childhood fever before, now he's 19 years of age. okey all this just my son a story. okey my story again later.

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My crew are all very dear. unfortunately tight-tight all crew close