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NAME : Mymie (≧▽≦) AGE:15(2011)(◕ ‿◕ ) HOMETOWN: BiNtulu 5teen year old ;). PMR candidates! Ouhno, i must study hard this year. Huhu. I'm pure islam. I ♥ kuching. I'm bintulu. School at SMK Bintulu. I'm friendly. I'm not keep enemies okay. I'm love to be friend with you all. Hehe. Do follow my blog yaa. ♥

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My Apekk

this is my kingkong . as my apekk 2 .he so caring person . i love he so much . but sometmey he always make me badmood . but he can make me laugh :) so cute rite . when he smile GIGI ANTU NYA MULAI BERTARING hahahaha ,, cute when he smile .i love CALL HIM KINGKONG N THEN HE CALL ME BUTTERFLY . hahaha . sweett mcm sugar . hahaha . he always to get the credit to call me . 0mg ! he so lovely person . when he call me . i listen he voice make me cair mcm coklet .. but i cant control my voice when i cair . he know bha . when i crying , badmood , laughing , eating . n eveything .. <3  i love him so much . dont take him from me . if u take him . u back oft !